Photo 21 Apr 158 notes yes please!

yes please!

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Photo 19 Apr 3,638 notes he is pretty perfect

he is pretty perfect

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Photo 19 Apr 125 notes that face and cock…

that face and cock…

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Photo 19 Apr 1,711 notes red hat

red hat

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Text 19 Apr 2 notes

Anonymous asked: sex is real fun

you said it friend

Text 13 Apr 3 notes

Anonymous asked: do you think you could do a hairy gaston for me? i would greatly appretiate it

I’ve done a hairy Gaston piece, him nude and hard, and then i did a piece with him and prince adam, check “my art” tagĀ 

Photo 13 Apr 907 notes hard


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Photo 13 Apr 1,796 notes a perfect torso

a perfect torso

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Photo 10 Apr 407 notes looks like hes ready for me

looks like hes ready for me

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Photo 9 Apr 1,181 notes usa


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